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Welcome to the transcript archives for Star Trek: A Call to Duty. Transcripts are now being added to the archive weekly, so grab a drink, click on a ship and enjoy reading what your fellow players are doing.

This site serves as a history book for ST:ACTD. All available transcripts, even those from ships and stations past are found here. Experience through this portal, our long standing enjoyment of all things Star Trek.

As always, please send all transcripts, questions, or suggestions to
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Arcadia Station
USS Andromeda
USS Cherokee
USS Claymore
USS Don Johnson
USS Pandora
USS Scimitar
USS Seleya

Morgan Le Fay Station
USS Broadsword
USS Carina
USS Perseus
USS Victoria

Abertura Station
USS Ganymede
USS Paula Greene
USS Serpens

Denali Station
USS Columbia
USS Tomahawk
USS Vienna

In Character Conventions
Captain's Table
Themed Chat

IKS QIb (Destroyed)
Deep Space 102
Kootenai Station (renamed DS102)
PRISM: Vanguard
USS Apache
USS Arondight
Avalon Station (Decommissioned)
USS Artemis (Captured)
USS Callisto (Destroyed)
USS Charlottetown (Decommissioned)
USS Comanche (Rechristened USS Don Johnson)
USS Delphyne
USS Dublin(Decommissioned)
USS Elara
USS Europa (Decommissioned)
USS Geneva (Destroyed)
USS Griffon (Destroyed)
USS Gryphon (Destroyed)
USS Hayden (Decommissioned)
USS Huron
USS Itasca
USS Karelian
USS Katana
USS Kraken
USS Luna (Decommissioned)
USS Minotaur
USS Nighthawk
USS Orion (Destroyed)
USS Pendragon
USS Pharaoh (Decommissioned)
USS Quirinus
USS Scorpius (reassigned to DS102)
USS Sharikahr
USS Tal-War
USS Themisto
USS Titan (Destroyed)
USS Triton
USS Vesuvius (Decommissioned)
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